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Bhajans & Discourses


We do not have specific rules, regulations and guidelines to join our community. Anyone who is interested and have un-estimated love with our beloved Bhagavan can come and participate in all the events happening  at ashram. Above mentioned are the preliminary programmes happening everyday. Apart from this schedule, we have special darshan, bhajans, Swami's speech and blessings on every Thursdays. Bhagwan needs only your pure heart and service mind. Devotees are allowed to offer natural flower garlands to our Bhagavan / any of the temples reside in our ashram !

                  Importance of Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra : Om bhur bhuvah suvaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dimahi dhiyo yo nah pracodayaath.

Shirdisai Gayatri : Shirdi vaasaya vidmahe sachida nandaya dimahi tanno sai pracodayaat. 

Sathyasai Gayatri : Saisvaraya vidmahe satya devaya dhimahi tannah sarvah pracodayaat.

Premasai Gayatri : Sampoorna avataraya vidmahe sai nathaya dimahi tanno prema pracodayaat.

Whenever a person  chants Gayatri mantra, it will be like a layer of protection that surrounds him/her and  protects them from any evil. 

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