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Our Ashram

Behind the Scenes

Premasai Ashram is situated 9 KMs away from Dharapuram City which is in Tirupur district Tamil Nadu. Our Bhagavan home [Shanthi Nilayam Rattaparthi] is becoming an ashram in near future.
It is a very beautiful garden, positively energized with more trees, plants and crops. The serene, calm, peaceful and positive environment takes all your tension, stress away and gives you the peace of mind , state of calmness . There are temples inside ashram. Sai Ganesh temple constructed near the main entrance of ashram and the deity inside the temple is "Lord Ganesh", energized by our beloved lord Premasai baba. Following that there is a beautiful Sai Murugan temple, the main deity in this temple is "Subramanya" and it is energized by our lord.
Following that we have a Krishna Temple, Lord Krishna is with "Gomatha, the mesmerizing scene anyone can't escape from the positive energy getting here. Also following that, the ashram has another temple for Lord Mangala Shanishwara (sanidev) & Premasai Siva which is very holy and you can pray him silently with your loving hearts in nature soothing environment. There is also a
 tall Sivalinga which looks splendiferous and that Premalingam is the backscattering of Swami's grace . 



  • All the temples inside the Ashram will be opened from 5.00 AM to 9.30 PM everyday.

  • Garlands, flowers, Lamp oils can offer to any of the Temple deities.

  • There is no priest for these temples. you can come with your heart full of love and get the blessings.

  • No Archana, No Donations, No Hundi.

  • Devotees can take Bhagwan's dharsan every thursday from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

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