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Premasai Ashram Welcomes You!

Hope Is Where the Heart Is



Our Roots

     Bhagavan Sri Prema Sai is the 3rd incarnation of Sai Yuga. Bhagwan Sri Prema Sai Baba is the next incarnation of our beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Bhagavan Prema Sai was born and brought up in a small village named Rattala valasu which is 9 km far from a town called Dharapuram, Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu.
      Bhagavan Prema Sai spreading his path in a way that bringing the people who are suffering and struggling in their life and started blessing them and being good. His mission is to spread love among humankind and all living beings
 and to show the path which has to be followed by all the humans to attain the state called "Bliss" or "Moksha". 

Shirdisai is Shiva Swaroopam. Sathya Sai is Shivashakti Swaroopam. Bhagwan Sri Prema Sai is Shakti swaroopam. 

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