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          Bhagavan Sri Prema Sai is the 3rd incarnation of our beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Bhagavan Prema Sai was born and brought up in a small village named rattala valasu which is 9 km far from a town called Dharapuram, Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu. His parental name is Sai Chidhanandh, he used to go to school as usual as other kids by school bus till his class 9. He was very much interested to spend his free timings with his livestock animals, birds and other nature creatures and showing utmost love to them

        His father Sai Dhandapani, a long-time Sai devotee, he used to visit Puttaparthi and Kodaikanal Sai ashrams and do services in the ashrams every year and all special occasions. One fine morning he and his family saw a mind-blowing thing happened in his home. There is a holy Vibhuthi spread all over the Pooja room and they identified it is coming from Bhagavan Sathya Sai photos. The same thing started happening very frequently and they were shocked and kept this matter within the family members since they don't want to share it to other peoples because peoples may not believe and they might create some other problems.

        When Sai Chidhanandh turned age 15, his parents have noticed some unusual good things happening in his behaviours and approaches. He told to his parents that, I am not interested to go to school and am feeling something different in my inner wards. His parents were not convinced and they tried to send him to school, but after some extent, they stopped forcing him and they left as per his wish and interests       

         After a few months, Sai Chidhanandh requested his parents to start Sai Bhajans, poojas and arathis in his home every day. His parents were taking this request as utmost order and started doing bhajans and Poojas every day

        After a year, Sai Chidhanandh started doing wonders such as summoning ruthratcha chains, god and goddess idols, spreading Kumkum's and much more miracles. His parents slowly sharing these beautiful happenings to neighbours and relatives. Slowly peoples started visiting his home and seeing his miracles and surprises. He started blessing the peoples who are coming to ashram and seeking god's love. He put a very strong belief in his parent's heart and told that I am the "next avatar" of our lovable lord named as Prema Sai.


          Bhagavan Prema Sai spreading his path in a way that bringing the people who are suffering and struggling in their life and started blessing them and being good. Things started happening pleasantly and more peoples started visiting his home frequently and participating in his bhajans, interviews and discourses

         After some time, Bhagavan Prema Sai decided to make the home as an ashram and serving the peoples and get their life to a better position. So he requested his parents to construct temples in his farm land and told that this land will become an ashram in near future and this place will become "Rattaparthi"

      Swami also mentioned that, in future, Rattaparthi will have School, College, Medical institution and public service establishment will be gradually establishing here for our people welfare and better living. For all our movements, Swami will be always with us and make our lives blissful!







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